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The Legend Continues

The first generation Ford Mustang was manufactured on March 1964 and it was a big hit, and since then, the power and technology inside this pony car have placed the Ford company to be one of the most iconic symbol in American Muscle industry. Legendary!

Even though full designs come every decade or so (most recent was 2015) the 2019 Mustang GT still brings excitement to the crowd and still proves that in spite of the competition, Mustang GT can be as stunning as ever.

Digital Instrument Cluster

2019 ford mustang gt premium with digital cluster for sale in dubai uae, exterior gray black interior - cluster digital

One of coolest features in Mustang GT 2019 is its Digital Instrument Cluster which displays all-new capabilities. It has 900 color combinations and 10 hidden animations, it’s much easier to navigate menus because of its bigger fonts and much better design.

The Power of Mustang GT 2019

Specifications2019 Mustang GT V8
Horsepower (hp)460
Torque420 lb-ft
Transmission10-Speed A/T
0-60mph4.0 seconds
Quarter Mile12.1 seconds @ 118.8mph

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