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Jeep Wrangler
Whether you are craving the rugged capabilities of the Wrangler or the versatile elegance of the Grand Cherokee, we have the perfect Jeep waiting for you.
Dodge Scat pack
Don't miss our exclusive collection of the "Last Call" edition of the 2023 Dodge line up.
Within our elite Ram lineup, you can get yourself at the top of elegance, power, and style.


Welcome to Automax®, your ultimate destination for automotive enthusiasts! We set ourselves at the intersection of passion and performance. We are more than just a dealership; we are made for those who value the artistry and power of automobiles. Specializing in muscle cars, catering to truck fanatics, and displaying expertise in German automotive. Whether you’re seeking raw power, rugged durability, or precision technology, we invite you to discover our collection of brand new cars and experience the thrill of the road like never before. Join us on a journey where every drive is an adventure and every vehicle tells a story. Welcome to Automax®, the boutique of muscle cars, truck fanatics, and German automotive experts.

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